Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car insurance plans are designed to help cover potential car-related damages, loss or injuries from a financial perspective. Maintaining proper insurance not only helps protect you and your vehicle in the case of accident, but it also serves to protect your passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and property. Additionally, car insurance helps protect you in the event of a lawsuit associated with an incident involving your car.

With so many car insurance companies available, as well as various coverage options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding which particular company and insurance plan is a good fit for you. But with Avon Insurance Associates Inc., each client’s individual needs are considered and the process of obtaining affordable insurance is a quick and easy process!

Avon Insurance Associates Inc. will provide you with rates from multiple insurance companies to help you shop for the best combination of price and coverage and clearly explain the options, so you can make the best decision on which plan works best for you.

Common Car Insurance Questions:

Does my Auto Policy cover a rental vehicle?

It depends on the carrier, but most carriers will extend liability coverage to a vehicle.  If the customer has at least 1 vehicle on their policy that has full coverage the carrier will also extend comprehensive and collision coverage as well.  Outside of those two coverages you will want to check with your agent because there are many scenarios that are not covered by your personal auto policy in which case you will be paying out of pocket.  For example, most insurance carriers will not cover the loss of use of the rental vehicle while it is being repaired.

Do Credit Scores affect premiums?

Yes, they do.  According to regulatory associates, there is a correlation between credit scores and individuals getting into accidents, and cancellation of their policies due to no payment.  Therefore, insurance carriers due account for credit scores when determining premium.  Insurance carriers will run an “Insurance Score” on a potential customer when rating a policy which is a soft credit hit which will not affect a customer’s credit score.

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